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Adelaide Fuel Distributors is your local Caltex Reseller distributing quality Caltex Fuel and Lubricants.

We deliver bulk fuel throughout Adelaide and surrounding areas through our large fleet of vehicles from a minimum delivery 500 litres. Either place your order online, or phone your local depot to organise a delivery.

As your local Caltex Reseller we stock a large range of lubricants to suit a large range of needs. Small packs to 1000 litres quantities can be purchased.

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Star Cash Card

StarCash is the prepaid card that works for you.

It allows you to buy fuel as well as a whole array of convenience retail goods anywhere there's a Caltex or Ampol service station in Australia.

Think of StarCash as a cash replacement. There's no credit approval needed when you're purchasing with it. And it comes in handy in case of emergency.

Give it as a gift. Keep it as a cash reserve tucked safely in your wallet. Or simply make sure someone close to you has enough on them to get where they're going.

When you use a StarCash card, the remaining balance and card expiry date are displayed on your receipt. So you can keep track of what you've spent and what you have left to spend. A great way to stay on budget.

Where Can I Purchase StarCash?

At our participating Caltex and Ampol service stations. StarCash is available in denominations of $25, $50, $100, $250 and $500. For purchases over $500, please call 8349 5868.

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Star Card

The fuel card that helps drive your business.

Convenience and control are key elements to managing your business vehicle expenses.

StarCard offers that and a lot more. Take a look at how StarCard can help you manage your fleet expenses more efficiently starting right now:

  • A practical, cost-effective way to keep vehicles on the road
  • Simple monthly reporting and itemised billing via email or post
  • Purchase control limits and product purchase limits on every card
  • Acceptance at any Caltex around Australia

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Gas Supplies

Adelaide Fuel Distributors is also a distributor for ELGAS in the southern area.

We deliver 45kg household bottles. Just phone us when your bottle is empty and we will take it away and leave you with a full one.

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24hr Fuel Stations

Located conveniently around the Adelaide metropolitan and surrounding areas Adelaide Fuel has eight 24 hour fuel stops. All have fast flow diesel hoses for quick and easy refueling.

Just swipe your Adelaide Fuel Distributors Starcard, and the purchase will automatically go onto your account. Machines also accept credit and debit cards with a PIN.

  • Our sites have access for large vehicles
  • Please note – All cards must have a PIN to access the Ezyserves

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Heating Oil

Adelaide Fuel Distributors are suppliers of heating oil to areas throughout Adelaide.

We deliver heating oil as far as Gawler in the north, Victor Harbor in the south and Murray Bridge in the east.

Heating oil deliveries run April through to September each year.

How to Order:


Contact your local Depot:
: 8349 5868
Seaford: 8386 1055
Littlehampton: 8391 0607

Pre-Pay to receive a discount. Minimum delivery is 200 litres.

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On Site Refuelling

Keeping your business moving. Receive quality Caltex fuels and lubricants wherever you are.


  • On employee and equipment downtime
  • Eliminate the cost of on-site storage facilities


  • Wherever you need fuel, whenever you want it
  • Accounting and invoicing are made easy


  • Highly trained operators safely refuelling your equipment
  • Eliminate the cost of on-site storage facilities

How to Order:


Contact your area Business Manager to place an order or receive a quote
Central - Clinton:  
0407 070 420
North - Domenic:  0404 273 263
South - Stephen:  0417 813 727


Send an email with your order details to:

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